Mental Health

You can’t perform your best if you are weighed down…

Failing to perform well in the roles that are important to you can really mess with your head. You don’t need a therapist… what you NEED is a promotion, an obedient child, respect at work, better grades, or to focus on what your partner is saying.

Whether you are suffering from depression, anxiety, attention/focus deficits (ADHD), or some come combination; much of the pain you experience may stem from your impaired performance as a parent, student, partner, athlete or professional. You need to feel masterful again and to regain confidence that you are great at what you do, and living a meaningful life.


The mental health services at Reboot Behavioral Science (RBS) are provided via the independent practice of Dr. Brett Howard, PhD, NP.

Dr. Howard is a consulting psychologist and psychiatric nurse practitioner (NP) who specializes in integrating coaching, psychotherapy, and medication management to address the mental health and performance management needs of young and emerging adults (ages 20-40).

Psychotherapy – Brett’s business-oriented therapeutic style has been called “thoughtful,” “blunt,” “scientific,” “tangible,” and “results-focused.” Brett loves the research behind what he does and feels his clients benefit from knowing the logic behind their treatment. His clients are often asked to collect their own activity data, and sessions commonly use data analysis to illustrate client behavior trends and patterns. Brett is also a “gadget-geek” who will recommend smartphone apps and wearable technologies (e.g., UP band, FitBit, pedometers) about as often as he writes prescriptions.

Medication Prescription & Management – Brett is licensed in the District of Columbia to prescribe and manage all medications related to outpatient mental health and psychopharmacology (e.g., antidepressants, mood stabilizers, anti-anxiety, ADHD medications, antipsychotics).


Insurance – You deserve to have more control about what information is shared about you and what goals you want to achieve in your mental health care. Brett has chosen to provide his psychiatric and mental health services as an “out of network” provider. Although Brett does not take private medical insurance, he provides invoices appropriate for reimbursement claims when applicable. He will also always work with your insurance provider to ensure medications are covered to the highest extent possible.