Peak performance requires resilience…

Failure and suffering are inevitable. Your best self and your highest level of performance will be shaped by your ability to respond and learn from setbacks. Can you adapt when what you are doing isn’t working?

One client writes, “Action-oriented sessions and tangible advice – Brett believes in problem-solving. Maybe you recognize personal patterns standing in your way, but can’t wrap your head around them enough to make a change. Maybe you have previously walked out of a coaching session feeling momentarily relieved, only to fall back into your normal ways. Finding the best way to make sessions actionable and advice tangible for you is key to sustainable success.”

Career Counseling – Your job might be the thing you do from 9 to 5. But a career is one of the most important ways you participate in this world. It is part of the legacy you leave behind. Designing your career can be much more than deciding on a college major, job title, or career switch. A fulfilling career manifests through all of your productivity and time spent living and working toward the values most important to you.

Coaching – If your performance is suffering now… now might not be the best time to dive into your past to find “root causes.” We use coaching and skill development techniques from organizational & management science to get you performing more effectively and prepared to bounce back when the setbacks return.

Skill Development – The skills that promote resilience can be taught. And one of the most important skills is finding the combination of motivational, organizing, coping and learning methods that fit your interests, talents and personality.