Superheroes meditate…(Now will you do it?)

Dr. Brett HowardMental Health, Performance

The internet searches have been completed, and the results confirm that every major superhero (and most super-villains) can be found doing some sort of meditation. Wonder Women meditates, Superman meditates, most X-men & Magneto meditate, Yoda & other Jedi meditate and I’m pretty sure Darth Vader was sporting some serious lotus pose just prior to the opening of that big … Read More

I Always Want to Be Where I’m Not – ADHD Book Review

Dr. Brett HowardADHD

An ADHD Book Review My new favorite ADHD book, I Always Want To Be Where I’m Not: Successful Living With ADD & ADHD by Dr. Wes Crenshaw, reads as though the author split open the heads of those with ADHD and took to the halves with a juicer to extract every detail of what it is like to live, love … Read More

Surviving Unemployment by Living to Work

Dr. Brett HowardPerformance

I often joke that I am on career number 17. Although the actual number is much lower, there has certainly been enough to suggest that I have been in a perpetual state of “looking for work.” Why so many careers? It seems that I have always thought, “what you do matters.” However, I have come to believe that it is true that “what you do matters,” but … Read More