ADHD Sucks! – but you can do something about it

Dr. Brett HowardADHD

ADHD sucks! Sometimes I wish I had cancer or a broken leg! They never truly mean it. The occasional client that says something like this is absolutely not trying to diminish the experience of those suffering from other conditions, nor are they trying to imply that living with ADHD is more difficult or challenging than battling cancer or recovering from … Read More

A note from Cheryl, RN

Dr. Brett HowardMental Health

This Fall 2016 semester, I have had the pleasure of working with Cheryl Gordon-Zupancic, RN. Cheryl is a very experienced and talented nurse who is presently in school to become a Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse Practitioner like me. I asked her if she would like to write a guest blog post on some of the things that she has learned during … Read More

Playing In the Sand – How Therapy Works

Dr. Brett HowardMental Health, Performance

Sometimes during a meeting with a client I bring out a big box of sand and ask my clients to use little miniature-sized objects (like little plastic people, cars, rocks trees, etc.) to construct a physical representation of what is on their mind. Why would I have grown professionals spend valuable therapy time playing in the sand? Here’s why… Your … Read More